OSX i386/x86 and x86_64 - time to switch supported platforms?

Max Cantor mxcantor at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 12:38:41 CET 2011

The last 32-bit, Intel Mac was the Mac Mini, discontinued in August 2007. The bulk of them were discontinued in 2006, along with PowerPC Macs.  Does it make sense to relegate OSX x86_64 to community status while the 32-bit version is considered a supported platform?  

Given that I'm far from experienced enough to be able to contribute meaningfully to GHC, I'm not complaining about anyone's efforts, just that those efforts might be a bit misallocated.  I'd venture a guess that far more people are interested in running 64-bit GHC on OSX than in running GHC on what is now fairly antiquated hardware.


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