Type system compiler flags

Carsten Schultz carsten at codimi.de
Tue Feb 1 10:20:26 CET 2011

Hello everyone,

I am trying to compile some code that I have written a long time ago
(might have been for ghc 6.3), and I have not done much Haskell in the
meantime.  I have trouble compiling the code, maybe only because I do
not remember the necessary flags (yes, these should be in the source
files), maybe because ghc has changed.  I do for example have functions
like this:

getnArray :: Int -> [Word8] -> Maybe (UArray Int Word8, [Word8])
getnArrayST :: Int -> [Word8] ->
	       (forall s . ST s (Maybe (UArray Int Word8, [Word8])))

getnArrayST n bs :: ST s (Maybe (UArray Int Word8, [Word8])) =
    (a :: STUArray s Int Word8) <- newArray_ (0,n-1)
    let loop k bs
		 | k == n = do fa <- freeze a
			       return $ Just (fa, bs)
		 | k < n = case bs of
				   (b:bs) -> do
					     writeArray a k b
					     loop (k+1) bs
				   [] -> return Nothing
    loop 0 bs

getnArray n bs = runST (getnArrayST n bs)

Can someone suggest compiler flags which will make this compile with 6.8
and 6.12?  I have tried

    -XRankNTypes -XScopedTypeVariables -fglasgow-exts

but still get "Parse error in pattern" for the definition of getnArrayST.

Thanks for helping.  As soon as I have overcome this problem, the real
fun will begin, because my program uses Template Haskell ;)


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