Prelude in

Serge D. Mechveliani mechvel at
Thu Dec 22 16:29:48 CET 2011

Dear GHC developers,

This is on  ghc-

{-# OPTIONS -fno-warn-duplicate-exports #-}
module DExport
  (module DPrelude,    module Categs,     module SetGroup,
   module RingModule,  module Z,          module DPair,
   module Fraction,    module Permut,     module VecMatr,
   module Pol,         module Residue,    module LinAlg,
   module GBasis,      module Partition,  module AlgSymmF,

   module Complex,
   module Prelude, module List, module Ratio, module Random
import Complex
import List    hiding (minimum, maximum, sort, sortBy)
import Prelude hiding (minimum, maximum,             )
import Ratio

ghc-  reports (unlike ghc-7.0.1):

runghc Setup.hs build
Building docon-2.12...
Preprocessing library docon-2.12...

    Ambiguous module name `Prelude':
      it was found in multiple packages: base haskell98-

Please, what is the best way out?

mechvel at

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