Parallel --make (GHC build times on newer MacBook Pros?)

Evan Laforge qdunkan at
Sat Aug 27 10:00:06 CEST 2011

> From what I remember someone tried to parallelize GHC but it turned
> out to me tricky in practice. At the moment very trying to parallelize
> Cabal which would allow us to build packages/modules in parallel using
> ghc -c and let Cabal handle dependency management (including
> preprocessing of .hsc files).

Right, that's probably the one I mentioned.  And I think he was trying
to parallelize ghc internally, so even compiling one file could
parallelize.  That would be cool and all, but seems like a lot of work
compared to just parallelizing at the file level, as make would do.

A parallel cabal build would be excellent, but AFAIK not much help for
mixed language projects, though I admit I haven't tried cabal for that
yet.  I'm sure it could launch make to build the C, but can it track
.h -> .hsc dependencies?  Parallel cabal build would tempt me to give
it a try.

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