ANNOUNCE: GHC 7.2.1 Release Candidate 1

Jens Petersen juhp at
Fri Aug 5 09:45:28 CEST 2011

On 5 August 2011 05:27, Ian Lynagh <igloo at> wrote:
>> >from .
>| *** unexpected failure for fed001(normal)
> but it works fine for me on x86/Linux.
>> >Note the Fedora build is patched to use system libffi.
> Hmm. What happens if you don't patch it?

More hmmm: that makes the x86 unexpected errors go to 0!

I attach system libffi patch if anyone wants to look at it,
but I don't see anything particularly arch-specific about it though so I still
don't understand why it fails for 7.2.  A similar patch for ghc-7.0.4
doesn't seem to have any ill-effects on the test results:


I'd be interested to know if any other distros can reproduces or not.
I think the system libffi patch originally comes from Debian.

It would be good to make Linux default to use system libffi anyway.
Is there any good reason not to do so?  As you know copy libraries
are frowned upon in the linux world.  I can't remember if such
an RFE already exists in trac?

Thanks, Jens
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