System.Process.system in Windows

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> (And in any case, the examples above should answer this amusing comment,
> immediately following those lines:
>        -- We don't want to put the cmd into a single
>        -- argument, because cmd.exe will not try to split it up.  Instead,
>        -- we just tack the command on the end of the cmd.exe command line,
>        -- which partly works.  There seem to be some quoting issues, but
>        -- I don't have the energy to find+fix them right now (ToDo). --SDM
>        -- (later) Now I don't know what the above comment means.  sigh.

What that comment means is that how CMD.EXE handles spaces is
Windows-version-dependent.  On the other hand, I *think* it's mostly
consistent between XP and Windows 7 --- and I feel sorry for anyone forced
to use an older version.

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