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> >> So perhaps that's the problem. parseDynamicFlags could perfectly well
> simply return any un-recognised flags. Indeed, I thought it did just that --
> it certainly returns a list of un-consumed arguments.  If it doesn't perhaps
> that's a bug.

I wouldn't call it a bug; you'd need a way to distinguish unrecognized flags
from filenames that look like flags, which isn't supported by the current
API. Splitting it into a lower level parser and upper level with error
checking seems more correct to me, although I'd instead make the lower level
take a callback to be invoked on an unknown flag so you could parse more
complex options (consider +RTS as an example), with anything unrecognized
afterward being flagged as an error.

> parsePluginOption :: [String] -> [String]
> parsePluginOption l@(o:os)
>     | -- handle plugin options here
>     | -- really this would be a pattern match, not a guard...
>     | otherwise -> l

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