Collecting all external names in a module

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Mon Sep 20 16:38:46 EDT 2010

More hacking leads to more questions!

IDs occur in many places in the AST and I'm not sure which ones I should
record (by calling g_occ) during my traversal. Should I only gather the ones
in HsVar or are there other IDs of interest? As I explained in my first
email, I'm looking for occurrences of 1) imported identifiers and 2)
top-level identifiers defined in the current module. Should I be recording
all IDs I find and the try to filter them out in my particular definition of

I'm also unsure which data types I should traverse, looking for LHsExpr. For
example, LPat may contain view patterns that mention imported identifiers.
Is there something in the HsExpr tree that I shouldn't traverse?


-- Johan
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