Demand for 64-bit Windows GHC?

Satnam Singh satnams at
Wed Sep 15 08:37:15 EDT 2010

I am trying to get a sense for how much demand there is for a 64-bit version of GHC for Windows. Personally I have two reasons why I would like to have a 64-bit build:

*         To allow me to write services in Haskell to be deployed on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing system which requires 64-bit binaries (and life is too short for SysWOW64).

*         To allow me to interoperate with 64-bit native libraries e.g. for dynamic code generation for SSE3 vector instructions as supported by the Accelerator system (I've done this in F# and it would be good to have a Haskell version too for SSE3 vector code - the GPU version works fine with 32-bit DLLs).

Is anyone else interested in a 64-bit version of GHC for Windows? Simon Marlow reckons it is about 2 weeks work for him so it should only take a mere mortal about a month or two to do. Anyone interested in making a 64-bit Windows port of GHC?



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