ANNOUNCE: GHC 7.0.1 Release Candidate 1

Evan Laforge qdunkan at
Mon Oct 18 17:37:04 EDT 2010

>> I created
>> and attached the
>> patch.
> We now have a mixture of
>    org.haskell.ghc
> and
>    org.haskell.GHC
> Is that deliberate, or should I lowercase them all?

Not deliberate.  I updated the patch in my client to lowercase them
all.  Haven't uploaded it yet because of the question below.

>> The main question is whether or not I can kill Uninstaller, as it's
>> even more broken now than it was before.  If yes, I'll attach another
>> patch that removes it.
> I'd prefer to fix it, if possible. Is there anything magic about the
> name, or could we have Uninstaller-7.0.1 etc?

I don't think there's anything magic about the name.  The tricky thing
about uninstallation is detecting when you uninstalled the currently
"active" version (as defined by the plain 'ghc' symlinks and thy
Current symlink), and either remove the links in that case, or pick
the highest remaining version and relink it.  And then there's the
question of the man pages.  We should probably install versioned man
pages and play the same game with links for what happens when you type
'man ghc' (hopefully it's the version that runs when you type 'ghc'!).
 I'd also want to hook into the configure system to create a versioned
uninstall script from a template... I assume there's already machinery
for that stuff, I just don't know how to plug it in.  If it's ok, I
could submit the patch with the template version and let you plug in
the magic to make configure replace the VERSION macro.

This is all getting a little complicated.  Well, it's not complicated
for a real programming language, but this is shell we're talking
about.  So as long as I'm rewriting it, I'm tempted to do so in
python, which all OS X installs have.  So the steps would be:

- install versioned man pages
- add man pages to create-links
- write a new uninstaller that does all the magic above

WRT stuff like versioned man pages, I'm also reluctant to diverge from
what the standard unix install does.  How does it handle multiple
versions and uninstalls?

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