porting using unregisterised build: x86->amd64 solaris

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at centrum.cz
Tue Oct 5 13:21:43 EDT 2010

On 10/05/10 17:25, Ian Lynagh wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 02, 2010 at 08:25:53PM +0200, Karel Gardas wrote:
>> step which fails with:
>> gmake -r --no-print-directory -f ghc.mk phase=0 just-makefiles
>> "" configure --with-ghc="/export/home/karel/vcs/ghc-target/"
>> --with-ghc-pkg="/export/home/karel/vcs/ghc-target/"
>> --with-gcc="/usr/bin/gcc" --configure-option=--with-cc="/usr/bin/gcc"
>> --ghc-option=-DOMIT_NATIVE_CODEGEN --ghc-option=-DNO_REGS --flags=stage2
>> --ghc-option=-DSTAGE=2 --disable-library-for-ghci
>> --with-hscolour="/usr/local/bin/HsColour" --configure-option=CFLAGS="-g
>>   " --configure-option=LDFLAGS="  " -- stage2 compiler
>> /bin/sh: line 1: : cannot execute [Is a directory]
>> gmake[1]: *** [compiler/stage2/package-data.mk] Error 126
>> gmake: *** [all_ghc_stage2] Error 2
> It's trying to create/update compiler/stage2/package-data.mk with
> ghc-cabal (but you don't have ghc-cabal, so it's running ""), but it
> should be using the file that already exists.
> Does the file exist?
> If so, "make -dr all_ghc_stage2" should show why make thinks it's out of
> date, which should point to the problem.

The file exists and `gmake -dr all_ghc_stage2' shows following info. It
seems `compiler/stage2/package-data.mk' is outdated due to
`compiler/stage2/build/Config.hs' being newer that it.

    Finished prerequisites of target file `compiler/stage2/package-data.mk'.
    Prerequisite `compiler/ghc.cabal' is older than target
    Prerequisite `libraries/haskeline/dist-install/package-data.mk' is
older than target `compiler/stage2/package-data.mk'.
    Prerequisite `compiler/stage2/build/Config.hs' is newer than target
    Prerequisite `compiler/ghc.mk' is older than target
   Must remake target `compiler/stage2/package-data.mk'.
"" configure --with-ghc="/export/home/karel/vcs/ghc-target/"
--with-gcc="/usr/bin/gcc" --configure-option=--with-cc="/usr/bin/gcc"
--ghc-option=-DOMIT_NATIVE_CODEGEN --ghc-option=-DNO_REGS --flags=stage2
--ghc-option=-DSTAGE=2 --disable-library-for-ghci
--with-hscolour="/usr/local/bin/HsColour" --configure-option=CFLAGS="-g
  " --configure-option=LDFLAGS="  " -- stage2 compiler
Putting child 0x081bb6a8 (compiler/stage2/package-data.mk) PID 17110 on
the chain.
Live child 0x081bb6a8 (compiler/stage2/package-data.mk) PID 17110
/bin/sh: line 1: : cannot execute [Is a directory]
Reaping losing child 0x081bb6a8 PID 17110
gmake[1]: *** [compiler/stage2/package-data.mk] Error 126
Removing child 0x081bb6a8 PID 17110 from chain.
Reaping losing child 0x08097060 PID 17080
gmake: *** [all_ghc_stage2] Error 2
Removing child 0x08097060 PID 17080 from chain.
karel at silence:~/vcs/ghc-target$

Please let me know if this is enough or if I shall send whole output of
gmake for your reference.


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