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Tue Nov 30 21:47:11 CET 2010

olve by switching is that darcs makes branching and merging very difficult =
for us. =A0We have a few branches of HEAD that are very painful to keep mer=
ged with HEAD, and we would almost certainly have more branches if the over=
head were lower. =A0In some sense the overhead is self-inflicted because we=
 have the no-conflict policy in the mainline repository, but that is to avo=
id problems with darcs' merging algorithms (both performance and correc=
tness). =A0We are still using darcs v1 patches rather than v2, but there ar=
e known problems with v2 which are preventing us from upgrading.<br>

The darcs team have been making great strides with performance, but conflic=
t handling remains a serious problem. =A0The darcs roadmap doesn&#39;t show=
 this being fixed in the near future<br>
 =A0<a href=3D"" target=3D"_blank">http://wiki=</a><br>
Rebase support is coming, and it does work, though the workflow is a bit la=
Besides the branching/merging/conflict issue, switching to git would give u=
s plenty of side benefits, notably via access to a wealth of tool support. =
=A0Making contribution easy is important to us too, and there are a lot of =
people using git.<br>

The cost of switching is quite high, which is one reason we decided to stay=
 with darcs last time. =A0We have multiple repos that need to be converted,=
 and for some of them, where the repo is being shared with other projects, =
we may have to mirror rather than convert in place. We&#39;re prepared to p=
ut in the effort if the gains would be worthwhile though (offers of help ar=
e more than welcome!).<br>

We&#39;re intrested in opinions from both active and potential GHC develope=
rs/contributors. =A0Let us know what you think - would this make life harde=
r or easier for you? =A0Would it make you less likely or more likely to con=

 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0Simon<br>
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