Modifying functions in the typechecker?

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Mon Nov 29 03:49:07 EST 2010

I think it would help to separate issues.

If it were not for rebindable syntax, there would be no need for these "op" fields in (say) BindStmt etc.  Instead, we'd have a fixed typing rule for BindStmt, and the desugarer would use the fixed Control.Monad.(>>=).  The rebindable syntax thing just allows you to use a different (>>=), and therefore we must record the one we use in the BindStmt node.

It's the same for ExprStmt.  I believe you want to support rebindable syntax for monad comprehensions, so you have to record the rebindable (>>) and guard operators. But I don't think you intend to allow the programmer rebind composition (.), do you?  If not, don't record it.  The desugarer can use the fixed one from the Prelude.

| Is this a valid approach? Should I move the "(>>) . guard" function
| somewhere else? I had a look at the renamer where "(>>)" is added to the
| statement "ExprStmt" the first time, but apparently you cannot call
| "tcSyntaxOp" in the typechecker on this function if you construct it
| with "HsApp (compose_op `HsApp` then_op) guard_op". Is there another
| function which could typecheck such a constructed expression without
| telling the user what functions we've used?

I think it'd be easier just to record 'guard' and 'then' separately.


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