Implementation of "Scalable Event Handling for GHC"

Don Stewart dons at
Mon Nov 22 23:20:21 EST 2010

> I just read the article "Scalable Event Handling for GHC" by Sullivan
> and Tibell, and I was wondering if its implementation has been
> incorporated into the mainline GHC yet.  I'm sure the information is
> out there, but I'm having a bit of trouble searching on it.  If it has
> been integrated into mainline GHC, what version would I need to run to
> try it out, and is there any documentation on what sort of things I
> need to do to ensure that the new IO core is being used?

It was integrated in GHC 7, released earlier this month.

    > On POSIX platforms, there is a new I/O manager based on
      epoll/kqueue/poll, which allows multithreaded I/O code to scale to
      a much larger number (100k+) of threads

-- Don

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