Odd behavior of ncurses with -threaded

Edward Z. Yang ezyang at MIT.EDU
Thu Nov 11 17:32:09 EST 2010

Excerpts from Donn Cave's message of Thu Nov 11 17:07:20 -0500 2010:
> > ghc:     6.12.1
> > linux:   2.6.32
> > ncurses: 5.7
> Someone probably should.  It's tempting to conclude that the bug
> is in ncurses, and perhaps it is, and maybe there's nothing to be
> done about it anyway, but a language runtime that's spewing SIGALRMs
> is going to crash into this kind of thing a lot.  I could comment a
> couple of other cases to the ticket that I've seen here or on Haskell-cafe.

I was under the impression we fixed this:


That is, we should be using SIGVTALRM, not SIGALRM, these days, except
under certain conditions when your operating system doesn't support
the proper timer (which Linux most assuredly does).


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