Loop optimisation with identical counters

David Peixotto dmp at rice.edu
Sat Nov 6 00:55:12 EDT 2010

On Nov 5, 2010, at 8:56 PM, Brandon S Allbery KF8NH wrote:

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> On 11/5/10 19:22 , David Peixotto wrote:
>>    Probably there are some wins to be had by choosing a good optimization
>>    sequence for the code generated from GHC, rather than just using `-O1`,
>>    `-O2`, etc. I believe It should be possible to find a good optimization
>>    sequence that would work well for Haskell codes.
> Didn't someone (dons?) already make a start on this?

Searching for good compiler sequences is certainly not a new idea. Most work that I know focuses on finding good sequences for a particular program. I think an interesting opportunity here would be to search for good sequences that generally work well for Haskell programs to replace the standard -O1, -O2 used by LLVM. I would think the code generated from GHC is different enough that we should be able to find standard sequences that we could use to replace the ones currently used by LLVM.

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