segmentation fault in Gtk2Hs callbacks

Axel Simon Axel.Simon at
Thu May 6 04:15:30 EDT 2010

Good morning,

I'm looking at ticket  
and wonder who is to blame:

- this segmentation fault occurs in Gtk2Hs' callbacks (i.e. a Haskell  
function pointer is being passed to C land) and in a signal (where a  
general machinery is used to invoke a Haskell function), thus, it  
doesn't seem to be the way callbacks are used

- the segfault only occurs in ghc 6.12.2 not in ghc 6.12.1

However, in the release notes of 6.12.2 there are no changes indicated  
that look like the RTS has changed. So I would like to simply ask: Are  
any of the GHC developers aware of any change in the concurrency or GC  
behaviour in GHC's RTS? Have any other parameters changed (perhaps  
something with multithreading?).

Neither Gtk2Hs nor GHC seem to have changed, yet, there are these  
intermittend segfaults. It would be good to know which part is the  


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