Profiling bug in 6.10.4

Gregory Wright gwright at
Mon Mar 22 14:24:45 EDT 2010


On 3/22/10 10:22 AM, Gregory Wright wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a program (attached) that is relatively simple, but numerically 
> intensive.
> It computes the abundances of the chemical elements generated by big-bang
> nucleosynthesis.  At the moment, the executable takes no command line 
> arguments,
> it simply runs the standard model.
> When I build the program without profiling, it produces the right 
> answer.  When
> I build it with profiling (runhaskell configure 
> --enable-executable-profiling) it runs
> without error, but gives completely incorrect numerical results.  I'm 
> using ghc 6.10.4
> built from source using MacPorts.
> The program is mostly self contained, but uses the hmatrix package to 
> solve a linear
> system.  Note also that the "Vector" type is hmatrix's 
> Data.Packed.Vector and not
> the one from the more familiar "vector" package.
> I was wondering whether this profiling problem is known.
> Best Wishes,
> Greg
The previously attach tarball was missing most of its contents, courtesy
of my ham-fisted emacs technique.  The tarball attached to this message has
been tested by building and shows the problem mentioned above.

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