Profiling bug in 6.10.4

Gregory Wright gwright at
Mon Mar 22 10:22:47 EDT 2010


I have a program (attached) that is relatively simple, but numerically 
It computes the abundances of the chemical elements generated by big-bang
nucleosynthesis.  At the moment, the executable takes no command line 
it simply runs the standard model.

When I build the program without profiling, it produces the right 
answer.  When
I build it with profiling (runhaskell configure 
--enable-executable-profiling) it runs
without error, but gives completely incorrect numerical results.  I'm 
using ghc 6.10.4
built from source using MacPorts.

The program is mostly self contained, but uses the hmatrix package to 
solve a linear
system.  Note also that the "Vector" type is hmatrix's 
Data.Packed.Vector and not
the one from the more familiar "vector" package.

I was wondering whether this profiling problem is known.

Best Wishes,
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