Feedback request: priority queues in containers

Roman Leshchinskiy rl at
Wed Mar 17 11:07:36 EDT 2010

On 17/03/2010, at 03:16, Louis Wasserman wrote:

> I'm not willing to do this sort of typeclass wrapper thing, primarily because nothing else in containers does -- even though we might have a Mapping type class that handles both IntMap and Map, we don't.
> I'm inclined to let that design choice stand, as far as containers is concerned.  It would make perfect sense to write a new package with such a type class and offering instances for the containers priority queue implementations, but I prefer to stick with the style that containers already seems to use -- that is, exporting separate modules without a unifying type class, but with nearly-identical method signatures.

FWIW, vector does both. It defines most vector operations generically and then exports appropriate specialisations for each concrete vector type. I think this is the most flexible and convenient approach. I just wish Haskell had some kind of support for it.


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