Documenting GHC

Yitzchak Gale gale at
Sun Mar 14 03:50:33 EDT 2010

In the thread "strictness of unused arguments",
Max Bolingbroke wrote:
> There is nothing *published* (Simon has a half-written one lying
> around though)...
> Unfortunately the weird behaviour you are seeing is due to...
> one of the unpublished bits...

There are various critical parts of the inner workings of GHC
that are poorly understood outside of the GHC team.
Strictness analysis and other optimizations, and the syntax
and semantics of GHC Core, immediately come to my mind.
There is much more.

As a user of GHC, I would vote for a full two-month delay in
the next release of GHC to allow the GHC team to devote
two months of their time exclusively to writing documentation.


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