GHC.IO.Device and "ready" method?

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Tue Jun 29 17:00:41 EDT 2010

On 25/06/10 16:06, Dimitry Golubovsky wrote:
> Should an implementation of GHC.IO.Device expect the `ready' method to
> be called from a thread different than one waiting for an I/O
> operation on a handle to complete, while that operation is in
> progress?
> As a more general question, are GHC Handles (and underlying
> implementations of GHC.IO.Device and GHC.IO.BufferedIO) expected to be
> thread-safe?
> I would be happy to store the id of the thread that calls mkFileHandle
> somewhere in the underlying `dev' and simply reject all I/O requests
> that come from other threads, but is this correct/permitted behavior?

The Handle layer implements its own mutual exclusion (a Handle is an 
MVar), so you only need to worry about thread-safety for your device if 
you expose it some other way, or make it accessible from multiple 
Handles.  FD for example does no additional locking.


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