Thread-backed handles: thread blocked indefinitely in an MVar operation

Dimitry Golubovsky golubovsky at
Tue Jun 22 07:43:12 EDT 2010


On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 4:31 AM, Simon Marlow <marlowsd at> wrote:

> So the problem is that fillReadBuffer has to return 0 to indicate EOF, but
> you are killing the slave thread as soon as it has reached the end of the
> stream.  So you get one call to fillReadBuffer that returns the data up to
> the end of the stream, and the next call that should return 0 blocks on the
> Chan indefinitely because the slave thread has already been killed.

Thanks for your reply.

Updated paste:

I enclosed readChan in a catchException call which seems to have cured
the problem: it just simulates EOF on the handle if the thread is
blocked (channel vanished). Interestingly that in the failing version,
handle closing was done in a separate thread (thread 3), but in the
updated version it was the same thread 1.

Dimitry Golubovsky

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Dimitry Golubovsky

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