getting Core Haskell from GHC API with cross-module inlinings

Roman Beslik beroal at
Mon Jun 21 21:12:41 EDT 2010

On 21.06.10 21:45, Tim Chevalier wrote:
> Also, I don't know what you're trying to do, but I recommend looking
> at GHC's External Core feature:
> and at the extcore and linkcore libraries:
Thanks, Tim. I will look into it.

I'm trying to:
- get source code on different stages of processing in GHC;
- dig to the GHC function which is responsible for some alteration in a 
source code.
It is hard to trace a link between source code appearing as values in 
GHC functions and what "-ddump-simpl" outputs. And I guess that 
"-ddump-simpl" provides too coarse control of source code processing. So 
I try to call GHC functions directly. It is important that source code 
processing in GHC and libraries you mentioned (and the "ghc" library) 
should be identical.

Best regards,
   Roman Beslik.

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