laziness in `length'

Roman Beslik beroal at
Tue Jun 15 17:33:22 EDT 2010


On 15.06.10 17:52, Denys Rtveliashvili wrote:
> Please could you explain which Nums are not strict? The ones I am 
> aware about are all strict.
Any value of any type is not strict in Haskell.
> Also, why doesn't it require building the full thunk for non-strict 
> Nums? Even if they are not strict, an addition requires both parts to 
> be evaluated. This means the thunk will have to be pre-built, doesn't it?
Yes, 'print' and '+' force numbers to be evaluated, and numbers can be 
evaluated earlier. But GHC does not deduce this without "-O".

This question is more suited for the haskell-cafe mailing list. 
Unfortunately, I can not find an explanation in the wiki, though your 
example perhaps is the simplest one.

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   Roman Beslik.

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