hsc2hs on Mac OS 10.6 unreliable?

Axel Simon Axel.Simon at in.tum.de
Tue Jun 8 17:03:04 EDT 2010

Hi all,

we're facing serious problems (the seg'faulting kind) with Gtk2Hs on  
Mac OS 10.6. Chris has tracked this down to incorrect structure  
offsets that hsc2hs calculates.

The offsets that hsc2hs calculates are too large, so it is probably in  
x86_64 mode. The offsets with which Gtk+ was compiled are smaller, so  
it must have been compiled with something like -arch i386. My question  
is the following: What is the right way to compile unixy software on  
Mac OS 10.6. Is the Gtk+ library incorrectly compiled or is hsc2hs not  
producing its C file in the correct way? It seems that a C Gtk+  
program works correctly when compiled with no special flags.

The only thing we could do is to pass some magic option to hsc2hs when  
it creates the C program that calculates the offsets. Detecting how Gtk 
+ was compiled would require some sort of autoconf magic which is  
beyond a simple cabal file. So I probably cannot hope for an easy fix.

Any comments or experience appreciated,

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