Language extensions - backwards compatibility

Iain Alexander ia at
Fri Jan 29 19:50:58 EST 2010

On 28 Jan 2010 at 15:45, Don Stewart wrote:
> Could you talk a bit about why you need to support 6.4 onwards -- that
> seems like quite a burden. Is the effort worth it?

Good question.
The code was developed on 6.4, and I would really quite like to continue 6.4 
support for personal reasons, if nothing else.
But I would like to release it on Hackage eventually, so I really need to 
consider support for later releases. :-)

In principle, I don't anticipate any portability problems, other than this 
practical one of managing the way the various versions of the compiler handle 
language extensions.

Obviously, there may come a point where I cut 6.4 loose, and to some extent 
this depends on what sort of solution (if any) to this problem arises.
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