Scriptable error messages

Daniel Gustafsson daniel.gustafsson at
Thu Jan 21 13:19:34 EST 2010


Me and a fellow student are taking a course named Frontiers of
Programming Languages, and in this course we should do a project with
something. A while ago we were at a presentation of Feldspar, a
Embedded Domain Specific Language, and one of the negative points of
using haskell was that the error messages could be cryptic due to the
various ways it was implemented.

So we are now looking into the possibility of adding your own error
messages to GHC as our project. We have about 8 weeks to implement,
either all or some proof of concept. As such we are looking for
comments, ideas and suggestions. Is this doable in GHC?, or what is


Daniel Gustafsson
Simon Edwardsson
Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden)

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