integer-simple by default

Isaac Dupree ml at
Mon Feb 22 17:46:34 EST 2010

I think it would be great to have a benchmark, to test Integer 
performance at various implementations.  Perhaps it could test speed of 
Int, Int64, Int32 as well (for computations that fit within them).  I 
suppose tight numeric loops are key to measuring performance in a useful 
way (except for incredibly larger Integers).  Are there existing 
benchmarks?  (If not, is there a good benchmarking library that I ought 
to use if I try to write a benchmark?)

On 02/22/10 15:15, Greg Fitzgerald wrote:
> ...
> More data points:
> ...

Code re-use is nice (if we can use one of those BSD-licensed versions) ; 
although it may turn out useful to write our Integer implementation in 
Haskell if it helps the optimizer out with small-valued Integers.


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