Confusion about GHC and GMP

Greg Fitzgerald garious at
Wed Feb 17 19:04:16 EST 2010

> I assume you mean
> in which case, yes.
>> I assume that "INTEGER_LIBRARY=integer-foo" is an option when
>> compiling GHC itself and not when using GHC, correct?
> Yes.

Great, thanks for your help Ian.  Building GHC with
"INTEGER_LIBRARY=integer-simple" is exactly what I was looking for.
So naturally though, I'd like to avoid maintaining an internal branch
of GHC.  Are there any plans to make integer-simple the default
integer library?

I was able to build GHC on Linux with no trouble. But on Windows, I go
down because (I think) the preprocessor is choking on ^M characters.

I get errors like this:
error: syntax error before ')' token
libraries\haskeline\.\System\Console\Haskeline\Backend\Win32.hsc: In
function `main':
error: syntax error before ';' token
compiling libraries/haskeline/dist-install/build/System/Console/Haskeline/Backend/Win32_hsc_make.c

After removing those ^M's from Win32.hsc and Win32_hsc_make.c, things
are moving along, slowly but surely.  The build is using the "inplace"
gcc so I assume the problem is not gcc, but whatever generates those
files.  Any idea how the extra line feeds slip in?


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