Removing/deprecating -fvia-c

Daniel Fischer at
Wed Feb 17 10:39:07 EST 2010

Am Mittwoch 17 Februar 2010 15:19:33 schrieb Simon Marlow:
> I should point out that for most Haskell programs, the NCG is already as
> fast (in some cases faster) than via C.  The benchmarks showing a
> difference are all of the small tight loop kind - which are important to
> some people, I don't dispute that, but I expect that most people
> wouldn't notice the difference.

Probably. And where the tight loop takes a significant amount of the 
running time, one can usually write that in C and use the FFI if the NCG 
doesn't produce comparable code. Granted, it's not as nice, but removing 
the via-C route won't be a show-stopper for those loops either, I think.

> Cheers,
>         Simon

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