Removing/deprecating -fvia-c

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at
Tue Feb 16 22:16:48 EST 2010

Simon Marlow:
> [..]
> But let's face it, all of this code is crappy.  It should be a tiny little loop rather than a tail-call with argument passing, and that's what we'll get with the new backend (eventually).  LLVM probably won't turn it into a loop on its own, that needs to be done before the code gets passed to LLVM.

I fully agree with Simon.  There is no point in doctoring around with an inherently broken approach, and to waste developer cycles tracking changes to gcc and so forth.  Gladly, we have two technologies ready (the new backend and LLVM) that have the potential to significantly improve the current situation.  Let's spend developer cycles on these instead.


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