Text.Regex.Posix with [String] Result broken?

Christian Höner zu Siederdissen choener at tbi.univie.ac.at
Mon Feb 8 17:55:15 EST 2010


are Regex'es broken or is this local to my installation? I want to blame someone else, see:
where all result types of [a] are broken, too.


What to test for:

Prelude> :m Text.Regex.Posix
Prelude Text.Regex.Posix> "aab" =~ "a" :: String
Prelude Text.Regex.Posix> "aab" =~ "a" :: [String]

    No instance for (RegexContext Regex [Char] [String])
      arising from a use of `=~' at <interactive>:1:0-11
    Possible fix:
      add an instance declaration for
      (RegexContext Regex [Char] [String])
    In the expression: "aab" =~ "a" :: [String]
    In the definition of `it': it = "aab" =~ "a" :: [String]

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