profiling,-O in 6.12.1

Serge D. Mechveliani mechvel at
Wed Feb 3 12:59:01 EST 2010

To my 

> > Dear GHC team,
> >
> > It looks like  ghc-6.12.1  reports erroneous time profiling --
> > when the Main module of the project is made under  -O.
> > [..]
> > This is for  ghc-6.12.1  made from source for Debian Linux and
> > i386-like.
> >
> > Main.main  calls for  Complete.complete,  `complete' calls for
> > eLoop  inside its source.
> > eLoop  must take almost all the time.
> > My whole user library is made under  -O -prof,  and
> >                                      --enable-library-profiling.
> > Main  is compiled by
> >                          ghc $dmCpOpt -prof --make Main
> > and run by               ./Main +RTS -M400m -pT -RTS
> > For this key, the profiling report looks natural and shows
> >                                                    eLoop -- 97%.
> >
> > But for        ghc $dmCpOpt  -O  -prof --make Make,
> >
> > it shows a different thing:  zero  for  eLoop  and  99%  for `main'.

On Wed, Feb 03, 2010 at 05:38:36PM +0100, Daniel Fischer wrote:

> Could be that eLoop is inlined with -O.

Thank you. 
I also thought about this. But the question still looks difficult.

> Try
> ghc $dmCpOpt -O -prof -auto-all --make
> That should show eLoop (if that's a top-level declaration, otherwise you'd 
> have to insert a pragma {-# SCC "eLoop" #-} manually).

eLoop  is not a top-level declaration, and I do set {-# SCC "eLoop" #-}.
The key combination 
                       ghc $dmCpOpt -prof --make Main
shows  95% for  eLoop,
and adding  -O  to this line shows  0%  for  eLoop,  independently on
presence of  -auto-all  in this line
(the whole library is made under  -O -prof).

Yes, I recall that the effect may be of inlining.
But, generally, how to detect sensibly the time consuming functions? 
This inlining presents a puzzle here.

Is it possible to 
   compile  Main.hs and Complete.hs  under  -O0 -inline-not,
   compile all the other modules under  -O
If it is possible, will this make easier to understand the profiling 


Serge Mechveliani
mechvel at

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