Quasi quoting

Robert Greayer robgreayer at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 12:20:07 EST 2010

I like (1) quite a lot.  If radical suggestions for QQ noise reduction
are being entertained, here's another:

quotations of the form [| .... |] (i.e. no 'language' specified) will
use an implicit parameter* ('quasi', say) of type QuasiQuoter, if in
scope.  Otherwise, they will behave as they currently do (TH
expression quotation?).  Now to awaken the 'pads' magic (or some other
magic), you'd do this somewhere:

quasi = pads

and then all your [| .... |]'s would be pads expressions/patterns/declarations.


* - implicit parameters fill me with a nameless dread under normal

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