-K in 6.12.2

Serge D. Mechveliani mechvel at botik.ru
Thu Apr 22 12:05:12 EDT 2010

Dear GHC developers,

I am trying  ghc-6.12.2  on  Debian Linux, i386-family,
on the  DoCon test.
There is a difference in memory management, with respect to 6.12.1.
For the test compiled under -O,  2300k  in  "./Main +RTS -K2300k -RTS"
is the minimal memory option of this kind for the test to finish without 
In  6.12.2,  90k  is sufficient, maybe, GHC ignores this "-K", -"M" ...
Could you explain, please?


Serge Mechveliani
mechvel at botik.ru

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