how can I get a listing of everything that's done in a program

Jose Iborra pepeiborra at
Thu Oct 22 07:05:37 EDT 2009

On 22/10/2009, at 12:52, Peter Hercek wrote:

>> As for getting a list of the evaluation steps, we don't have  
>> anything that does exactly what you want at the moment, but it  
>> probably wouldn't be hard to implement on top of the existing  
>> debugging functionality.
> If you want to execute one command more times you can do it by  
> scripting ghci.

Yes! That's a great idea Peter, we always underestimate/forget what  
can be done with the scripting capabilities of ghci.
In this case, Ralph can get what he wants (modulo core dumps) with:

*Main> :def listStep (\_ -> return ":list\n :step")
*Main> :set stop :listStep
*Main> :step <your function call here>


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