6.12.1 release

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 05:15:26 EDT 2009

The current dilemma we're facing with the 6.12.1 release is this: 
cabal-install still needs to be ported to the new version of Cabal, 
Duncan is snowed under and doesn't have time to work on it, but without 
cabal-install people can't easily test 6.12.1 RC and we can't test it 
with Hackage.  We've come to rely on cabal-install quite a lot.

So, one option is just to release 6.12.1 as is, with the caveat that 
cabal-install doesn't work, and large portions of Hackage probably do 
not work (but we don't know what exactly).  The platform isn't due to 
release with GHC 6.12.x until February 2010, and by then we could make a 
6.12.2 to fix any problems that we discover when cabal-install is 
working.  One potential problem is that having made the 6.12.1 release 
we wouldn't be able to make any further API changes, only bug fixes.

Or, we could just make a 6.12.1 RC2, and advertise it with the same 
caveats, putting out 6.12.1 when cabal-install works and we've had a 
chance to see the state of Hackage and alert package authors.

Simon and I favour the RC2 option.  What do others think?


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