how can I get a listing of everything that's done in a program

Ralph Crawford stryder100 at
Tue Oct 20 09:54:41 EDT 2009

Hi.  I'm working with GHC 6.10.4 on Solaris.  I'm new at Haskell and have
inherited a rather large and complex program to maintain and modify.  I'd
like to get a listing of everything - every single step - that's done in a
run of the program.  Something similar to the output of the :step command,
but I'd like the entire run (which would involve tens of thousands of
steps).  Is there a way to just do this - have it run and print everything
it does to the screen?

I've tried doing the following, after starting a "script" to capture all of
the screen output...

ghci -fglasgow-exts parsequery.hs
:break 36

which takes me to this prompt...

Loading package mtl- ... linking ... done.
Stopped at lesearch.hs:36:13-39
_result :: IO SearchState = _
input :: [String] = _
st :: SearchState = _
[lesearch.hs:36:13-39] *Main>

This takes me to the call before the one that I want to output each step of
so that I can then manually, with hardcopy, read it and get an idea of what

So I start a step through the next call.

[lesearch.hs:36:13-39] *Main> :step process_query_loop st input
Stopped at lesearch.hs:(46,0)-(69,39)
_result :: IO SearchState = _
... [lesearch.hs:(46,0)-(69,39)] *Main>

So far so good.  This is what I want to see - a listing like this for every
(interpreted of course) line of haskell code that runs, all the way to the
end.  Since this is a very large program, at this point I started pasting
this to the terminal - 4 steps at a time...


This gave me the listing I wanted.  But after a certain point, it inevitably
fails with a core dump, and what I capture from the screen is garbled up to
that point anyway.  I'm hoping there's a simpler way to do this.  Thanks for
taking the time to read this.

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