GHC on Snow Leopard: best practices?

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Thu Oct 8 05:04:40 EDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-10-08 at 18:32 +1100, Manuel M T Chakravarty wrote:
> David Menendez:
> > Is there any consensus about what needs to be done to get a working
> > ghc installation on a Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) system? The Mac OS
> > X wiki page[1] currently links to a blog post[2] that recommends
> > manually patching /usr/bin/ghc, but I have also seen recommendations
> > that people patch ghci, runhaskell, runghc, and hsc2hs. Is that also
> > recommended? If so, there should probably be an updated how-to on the
> > wiki.
> Patching /usr/bin/ghc is sufficient to get a version of GHC that  
> passes the regression tests suite in "fast" mode (the same setting  
> that the validate script uses).  If you want to use hsc2hs, you need  
> to patch that, too.  I haven't found a need to patch the interpreter,  
> though.

And they almost certainly do want hsc2hs (even if they don't know it)
because it's used by all sorts of other libs. The first one people hit
is the zlib binding which is used by cabal-install. It appears to
compile ok but then fails the version check performed by the zlib C
library (eg when someone does cabal update).


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