GHC on Snow Leopard: best practices?

Barney Stratford barney_stratford at
Wed Oct 7 16:58:01 EDT 2009

I'm back in Cambridge now. Snowdonia was great, and just as wet as  

As far as I'm aware, nobody's got a fully functioning Snow Leopard GHC  
yet. Just before going away, I tried to use my partly-functioning 64- 
bit GHC to build 6.10, but found that the stage 1 compiler segfaulted.

My plan now is to get 6.8.3 fully working so that we all have  
something, if a little old, that works. (This is because I need it for  
another project.) Once I've managed this, I'll post a full set of  
instructions to get everyone else going too. Then I plan to attempt to  
get 6.12 working, and provide a binary that can be used for  
bootstrapping. (I may need some pointers for this.)

Incidentally, 6.12 doesn't appear to be in 
  , only in the Darcs repo. Was that intentional?

So far, the sticking point has been getting the interactive linker to  
work. Snow Leopard has much tighter security than its predecessors, so  
we have to use mmap. Unfortunately, the mmap version of GHC's linker  
also requires mremap, which is a Linux-only extension that Snow  
Leopard doesn't have.

See you,

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