-package-name flag in 6.10.x

Malcolm Wallace malcolm.wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Tue Nov 24 23:56:48 EST 2009

The ghc documentation at
says the following:

 >    -package-name foo
 >     Tells GHC the the module being compiled forms part of package  
foo.  If this flag is omitted (a very common case) then the default  
package main is assumed.

 >     Note: the argument to -package-name should be the full package  
identifier for the package, that is it should include the version  
number. For example: -package mypkg-1.2.

I observe that the example uses -package rather than -package-name,  
and wonder if this is a mistake.  Moreover, when I attempt to use the  
flag, like so:

     $ ghc -package-name hat-2.06 ...
     <command line>: cannot parse 'hat-2.06' as a package identifier

This used to work with ghc-6.6.x and ghc-6.8.x, but seems to have  
stopped working with ghc-6.10.x.  I surmise that the leading zero  
after the version point separator is to blame?  It seems an  
unfortunate regression.


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