Changes to the ticket system

Isaac Dupree ml at
Mon Nov 16 15:52:31 EST 2009

Simon Marlow wrote:
> I've made a few changes to the ticket system today, in preparation for a 
> push on cleaning up the ticket database (announcement to be made 
> shortly).  The changes are:
> 1. There's a new field "Type of Failure", with values
> None/Unknown
> Build failure

meaning failed building GHC, not that GHC building something failed.

> Install failure
> GHC doesn't work at all
> Compile-time crash
> Runtime crash
> GHCi crash
> Incorrect result at runtime
> Compile-time performance bug
> Runtime performance bug

what about...

Documentation is wrong.

Type system is wrong (eg. rejects something that's correct), or 
similarly for syntax.

Something strange that doesn't deserve its own category, but isn't "unknown"

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