ghc 6.10.3-prerelease failed build log for freebsd7.2

Matthias Kilian kili at
Mon May 4 15:36:00 EDT 2009


On Sun, May 03, 2009 at 11:03:49PM -0700, brad clawsie wrote:
> after some trying, i was unable to get the 6.10.3 prerelease to build on
> freebsd 7.2. i was trying to use an existing 6.10.2 as my build ghc.
> i saved the output of the entire build from ./configure to the point of
> failure. it is too long too attach here, you can see it at:

Interesting. haskeline seems to break the build in different ways
and at different places (and sometimes it doesn't fail at all).

In your case, it doesn't find libiconv, thus isn't built, and causes
failure later. In my case (a buildbot running OpenBSD-4.5 on i386),
the haskeline build itself fails (see `kili-stable' on, but at the same time on OpenBSD-current
on an amd64 the haskeline build complains about a missing libiconv
but builds nevertheless.

This all is a little bit confusing, but it should be fixable by
telling configure where to find libivonv (i didn't yet have the
time to look what's going on for real here).


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