ANNOUNCE: GHC 6.10.2 Release Candidate 1

Don Stewart dons at
Wed Mar 18 20:54:05 EDT 2009

I've tried the 6.10.2 RC with some performance-sensitive work code.
The code uses the non-threaded runtime, and makes extensive use of
signals. The results look very good.

The slightly funny (but useful to us) benchmark measures bandwidth
communicating between multiple unix processes. Here's a graph of how
much better 6.10.2 is doing:

Note we're over a 1G/s bandwidth now with 6.10.2 for the first time :)
Thanks guys!

(Note also we use a slightly modified runtime that has thread deadlock
detection disabled).

There have been quite a few runtime patches, enough that 6.10.2 is
really quite a different runtime now:

Anyway, all those signal and thread handling changes are looking good.

-- Don

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