a possibility to redefine built-in GHCi commands

Peter Hercek phercek at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 09:19:01 EDT 2009

Simon Marlow wrote:
> Peter Hercek wrote:
>> Hi GHCi users,
>> I would like to be able to redefine the built-in GHCi commands. The 
>> idea is that when searching for a command the user defined commands 
>> would be searched first and only then the built-in commands would be 
>> searched. If  user wants to invoke a built-in command regardless of 
>> user defined commands he/she would need to start it with two colons 
>> (instead of one).
>> It is an user interface change which may break some scripts, but it 
>> would allow to provide different default behavior.
>> For example:
>> * when I use GhciExt I want all my ":continue" commands to be 
>> actually ":x :continue"
>> * it would allow to specify different order of searching for 
>> abbreviated commands as the default one
>> * it would allow to specify different default switches for builtin 
>> commands
>> Would such a change be merged upstream if I would provide a patch?
> Seems reasonable to me.

OK, I created a ticket for it and attached the implementation to the ticket.


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