is the library iconv necessary for haskeline?

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Mon Jun 8 06:33:25 EDT 2009

Christian Maeder wrote:
> Hi,
> building ghc-6.10.3 under x86 solaris eventually failed with:
> Configuring haskeline-
> checking whether to use -liconv... Setup: Unable to link against the
> iconv library.
> I wonder how this check for -liconv is generated. I have a file
> /usr/include/iconv.h but not file /usr/lib/libiconv.*
> Under Linux I've installed successfully
> and I was able to install
> without libiconv!
>> ./Setup configure
> Configuring haskeline-
> checking whether to use -liconv... not needed.
> However, the mere existence of /usr/local/lib/libiconv* files causes
> configure to use -liconv:
> checking whether to use -liconv... using -liconv.

The actual cause is an evil /usr/local/include/iconv.h file that is
found first and cannot be easily excluded. But passing the option
"-isystem /usr/include" to gcc or setting

 export C_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/include

makes the haskeline installation not use "-liconv".

Cheers Christian

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