more binary dists Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.10.4

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Sat Jul 25 13:47:42 EDT 2009

Christian Maeder wrote:
> For some reason a ghc-mtl was built when compiling from source. Also
> haskeline-, terminfo and test is no package later on.

This test-1.0 package contains module A and was installed by test case
cabal01(normal) that failed with the "Syntax: tar {c|r|t|u|x}" error and
later on caused the difference/failure for driver063(normal)

exposed-modules: A
hidden-modules: B.A

(Just to explain the driver063 failure)

Cheers Christian

> -bash-3.00$ utils/ghc-pkg/install-inplace/bin/ghc-pkg list
> /export/local1/home/maeder/haskell/ghc-6.10.4/inplace-datadir/./package.conf:
>     Cabal-, HUnit-, QuickCheck-, array-,
>     base-, base-, bytestring-, containers-,
>     directory-, (dph-base-0.3), (dph-par-0.3),
>     (dph-prim-interface-0.3), (dph-prim-par-0.3), (dph-prim-seq-0.3),
>     (dph-seq-0.3), extensible-exceptions-, filepath-,
>     (ghc-6.10.4), ghc-mtl-, ghc-prim-, haddock-2.4.2,
>     haskeline-, haskell-src-, haskell98-,
>     hpc-, html-, integer-, mtl-,
>     network-, old-locale-, old-time-,
>     packedstring-, parallel-, parsec-,
>     pretty-, process-, random-,
>     regex-base-, regex-compat-, regex-posix-,
>     rts-1.0, stm-, syb-, template-haskell-,
>     terminfo-0.3.1, test-1.0, time-1.1.4, unix-,
>     utf8-string-0.3.4, xhtml-3000.2.0.1
> /home/maeder/.ghc/i386-solaris2-6.10.4/package.conf:
>     {HAIFA-0.12}, programatica-1.0, syb-generics-2.9

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