more binary dists Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.10.4

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Wed Jul 22 05:35:07 EDT 2009

Ian Lynagh wrote:
>    ==============================================================
>     The (Interactive) Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 6.10.4
>    ==============================================================

> Packages will appear as they are built - if the package for your
> system isn't available yet, please try again later.

I've built

For sparc-solaris 10 I could not run the testsuite (with GNU Make 3.80)
and the binary depends (at least) on: =>         /usr/local/lib/ =>       /usr/local/lib/ =>     /usr/local/lib/ =>   /usr/local/lib/

(The other binary distributions use their own static libgmp.a.)

For x86-solaris 10 only (and no libiconv) is needed
whereas /usr/lib/libiconv.2.dylib and /usr/lib/libncurses.5.4.dylib are
available on the Leopard Macs (one being a PowerMacG5).

Cheers Christian

(Maybe someone can explain the bad testsuite results.)

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