signals and GHC 6.10

Don Stewart dons at
Thu Jul 9 13:01:37 EDT 2009

> I noticed that programs compiled with GHC 6.10 seem to be eating signals
> and exiting with an error code of 255, rather than the proper exit code
> for the signal that killed the process.
> I can understand that the GHC runtime may need to perform some cleanup
> on a SIGINT or other signal, but instead of doing an exit after catching
> it, could it be modified to restore the original handle (which may be
> none) and reraise the signal via kill(getpid(), sig)? This is much
> friendlier and standard behavior and will also ensure any chained signal
> handlers are run properly. (in addition to giving proper exit codes).

Hmm. Do you have code that reproduces this?

Our signal handling code seems to be running fine here, with multiple
editions of 6.10.x

-- Don

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